Our Curriculum

The School follows the State Board syllabus from Std I- Std XII.
Content of the Curriculum

Core Subjects - English, Mathematics and Science
Foundation Subjects - History, Geography, Physical Education, Music, Arts & Crafts,  Value Education, Life Oriented Education.
Specific aims of the Curriculum Core subjects:

English (Literacy)
* To develop pupils’ understanding of the spoken word and the capacity to express themselves effectively in a variety of speaking and listening activities, matching style and response to audience and purpose.
* To develop pupils’ ability to read, understand and respond to all types of writing, as well as the development of information - retrieval strategies for the purpose of study.
* To enable children to construct and convey meaning in written language, matching style to audience and purpose.
* To enable children to spell confidently and correctly to the best of their ability.
* To guide children to write fluently and legibly.
* To encourage children to present finished work appropriately, clearly and attractively.

* To be able to use and apply mathematics.
* To understand and use numbers, estimate and approximate, interpret and check for reasonableness.
* To recognise and use symbolic and graphical representation to express relationships.
* To recognise and use properties of 2 - dimensional and 3 - dimensional shapes, also use measurement, location, transformations in the study of space.
* To be able to collect, process, interpret data and to understand, estimate and use probability.

* To relate science to everyday life.
* To develop those skills which will lead the children to a greater understanding of the world in which we live and to begin to approach their questioning and reasoning in a more scientific manner.
* To enable the pupils to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of - life and living processes, materials and their properties and physical processes.

Aims of the Foundation Subjects:

* To develop visual perception and skills associated with investigating and making in art, craft and design.
* To develop visual literacy and knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design including the history of art, our diverse artistic heritage and a variety of other artistic traditions, together with the ability to make practical connections between this and pupils’ own work.

* To help pupils develop geographical knowledge and understanding of the world.
* To introduce pupils to geographical enquiry.
* To help pupils develop a sense of identity through learning about India and its relationship with other countries.

* To help pupils develop a sense of identity through learning about the development of countries in the world.
* To introduce pupils to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past
* To contribute to their knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures.

* To develop the ability to perform and compose music with understanding
* To develop the ability to listen to and appraise music, including knowledge of musical history, our diverse musical heritage, and a variety of other musical traditions.

Physical Education
* To be physically active, engaging in activities which involve the whole body in maintaining flexibility and developing strength and endurance.
* To be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding through physical actions.

Value Education
* To explore the life, dignity and purpose within the Indian tradition making links with the child’s own experiences . (and with the universal experience, and considering other faith traditions.)
* To deepen and enrich the children’s understanding and living their faith with family involvement and commitment.

State Board System for Higher Secondary
Part I : Tamil / Hindi (Language Paper I)
Part II : English (Language Paper II)
Part III :
Group I : Main : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Optionals : Biology/ Computer Science / Bio - Chemistry
Group II : Main : Physics, Chemistry, Biology Optionals : Bio—Chemistry/ Nutrition and Dietics/ Micro Biology/ Computer Science
Group II (A) : Main : Physics, Chemistry, Botany , Zoology
Group III : (a) Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, BusinessMaths (b)Computer Science , Economics, Commerce, Accountancy
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