Hidden Talents

The “Kavi Quil” Literary Association

The outstanding men and women are invited to impart their knowledge to the girls. The students themselves conduct meeting and Quiz programmmes, Debates and ‘Patti Mandram’ are organized. This organization works for the intellectual development of the students.

Talent Bank
The activities of this unit bring out the inherent talents in students and develop their personality. Competitions like Essay, Elocution, Versification( both English and Tamil), Flower Arrangement, cooking , Dance, Music, Kolam, Rangoli, Handicraft, Drawing are conducted for the students. Attractive prizes are awarded to winners.

We have a guide unit functioning in our school .Guides go on camping now and then. The guides play a vital role in maintaining discipline by offering voluntary service during school functions.

Interact Club
This club aims at the development of the leadership qualities in students. Many activities and social services are done by our students which develop their individual and intellectual skills.

The Exnora Unit in our school functions effectively. Students are advised to keep the school campus and surroundings clean and green by growing more plants.

National Green Corps( NGC)
To create awareness of a sustainable environment among students, NGC is also functioning in our school. The importance of growing trees, medicinal plants, preparation of vermicompost and panchakavya and recycling is stressed and implemented by NGC.

Quiz Club

The quiz club of our school is named Power Brain Gala. It consists of 10 teams. Each team has 5 students from classes V to XI. It aims to groom students from the young age. The quiz club offers training to students on every Saturday afternoon. Topics such as sports, music, history, science fiction, languages, mathematical tricks etc. are covered in each class. We conduct semi-final round in a grand manner for 10 teams. Among the 10 teams, 3 teams are selected for final level competition. Special training is given to quiz club members to participate in outside competitions and they win many prizes.


'What I hear, I forget, What I see, I remember, What I do, I understand'.

To improve the students' knowledge in Maths, to enable them to understand Maths easily and to do Maths with great interest we have introduced 'kitscon' in our school.


Our "Pearls" is a quarterly journal. It contais variety of articles which are the creativity of our students. Students feel rejoiced to see their write-up in print. Every time different set of students has been deputed for Editorial Board. Students give full vent to their creativity through "Pearls".


"Mend your speech a little lest it should mar your future".

It is advantageous to understand and have a good knowlede of English. English plays a vital role in shaping the future and careers of young and aspiring students. Keeping this in mind we have a tie-up with Institute of Language Management to impart the right communciation skills to children in our school.

This year new programmes- Magic English Junior and Magic Englsih foundation assisted by Karadi Path Education company Pvt Ltd are introduced for classes LKG & UKG and Std I-IV to improve the English language skills of students.


This year we have introduced 'Thalir Thiran Thittam' in our school which is the brain child of Aparajitha foundations. It is a programme for imparting Life Skill Education to Adolescents. This programme contians 120 lessons which has been developed using the 10 Life Skills as listed by the World Health Organisation along with few more topics related to important issues such as etiquette, values, gender sensitisation and environment.

The ten life-oriented skills are i) Self awareness ii) Coping with emotions iii) Coping with stress iv) Creative thinking v) Critical thinking vi) Decision making vii) Problems solving viii) Inter Personal Relationship ix) Communciation x) Empathy. This programme will teach the students something that is not taught in any other subjects. It concerns 'Character Building'. It will teach students how to behave , what to do and what not to do. Its objectives are cultivation of discipline, the making of morally good and healthy students inorder to serve both god and the country.


"Without Science and Technology we cannot progress". Keeping these words in mind, we started Science Club last year. This club is a medium for popularizing science. Its aim is to create awareness and promote scientific activities among students. It promotes the interest of studnets in science and its application. Students do simple experiemnts and are able to understandthe facts lying behind science.


Students talent has to be enocuraged and welcomed. 'Talent Expo' is open to all girls who are willing to bring their talents to light. This is a platform for students to rehearse their talents. This takes a studnet out of herself, out of her pretty personal self. The students are given a chance to create something that moves, thrills, enchants and captivates the viewers' hearts.


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